I’ve worked with geospatial data since 1988. Those who know me know I’m a GIS nut.  Once I had found this medium I was hooked – I was already a collector of paper maps but being able to analyse data behind the map was just brilliant!

I will occasionally blog about thinks I’m doing in the hope that it will spark interest in others or give them the incentive to have a go.

My words. My ideas. Blame me!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. I am an absolute novice. I want to be able to create a map of a Neighbourhood Plan area and overlay it with various key aspects such as listed buildings, flood risk areas, wildlife corridors etc. My QGIS training consists of 2hrs in a group session given by someone who had spent 30 minutes reading an instruction manual the day before!
    My plan area crosses four OS tiles in 25,000:1 colour raster. My problem is that I only seem able to load up the tiles as separate layers but I need them all joined up to draw my polygon. OS advised me to download some geo software which I have done but cannot find out how to make it open and what I do with it when I have.

    Can you help please?

    Trevor Parker

    • Hi Trevor,

      I’ll try to help as much as I can.
      You say you have four OS 1:25,000 scale tiles (these are raster images) and as such don’t know where they fit within the world – you need to have a file for each that tells your GIS where to locate them. Getting these files depends on the format of the tiles – could you let me know if they are tif, jpeg or what.
      You can go through a process called geolocation but knowing the format of the files and getting their conterpart location files will be the first place to start.


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