Filtering records in composer (QGIS 2.18)

While producing a map for a colleague I found a way to filter data in a table to specific records using a SQL function.  Having a single view of the table wasn’t an option as the space it took up on the page obscured  part of the map.

Some of you may be familiar with the filter facility in composer but when I’ve used it before it is usually filtering on a specific value in the table i.e. a street name, so the view results in the table view only showing the street I specified. This was different in that I had to have the multiple table views showing specific records.

Each record has a unique ID so it was this that was used in the filter and I remembered that SQL has a “IN” function and decided to try to see if it worked.

It was simple: “ID” IN(1,5,34,67,89) and the view of the table produced only those records with the id of 1 or 5 or 34 or 67 or 89 – who knew?

Below is an image showing the same table twice with different parcel ID’s in each using the IN function (shown in the “filter with” box).


You may not need this very often but just knowing you can do this might just give you another option for map production.


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